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Random Generator and Online Casino – FaQ

An interview with the developer of BreakRoulette. In it we answer basic questions about online casinos, their trustworthiness and the name of randomness.

Question 1

“Online Roulette? Isn’t that rigged anyway?”

It’s easy for some people to think that roulette and computers can certainly be set up so that you can’t win at all. Are there any standard practices set in place by online gaming companies? Or a regulatory board that has to exam code looking for malfeasance? How can I dispel the myth that online roulette is rigged?

Online casinos are in the business to make money and while there are some casinos out there that have been known to be fixing results, the vast majority or real business making real money and to whom their gaming license must be protected. Any dodgy dealings will see a casinos license being suspended and with the millions these companies invest in growing their player base, they cannot risk either losing their license or getting a bad name. When choosing a casino to play at, one should always follow some basic rules, a good guide to follow is available here: The most important thing is that results and game randomness is audited by a 3rd party like PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

Question 2

“Why must you program randomness”

I remember reading somewhere that because nothing is truly random in nature, the online casino operators had to program randomness into their roulette games. Why is this? Can you talk a little bit about this?

Nothing is Random, in particular nothing generated by computers, the more correctly used is term is “pseudo random”. All randomly generated results generated by a computer must use what’s known as a seed, for example a Timestamp, Users IP address and transaction ID together could be a seed to produce a random number, the thinking being that the seed will always be unique each time it is generated.

Question 3

“What are RNG Casinos”

I know RNG is probably Random Number Generator, but I was reading in the forums last night and they seemed to be very talkative about this certain type of casino. So all casinos are not RNG? What is the difference?

You are correct, RNG is Random Number Generator. Roulette wheels come in 3 main form:
Traditional: Where a human throws the ball into the wheel which either spins continuously or is manually spun. (Commonly used in “Live” tables)
Mechanical: The ball is thrown into the wheel by a mechanical arm (Also used in “Live” tables)
Virtual: RNG is used to generate a result (Used in “Online” casinos)
It can all get a little mixed up though as many only casinos offer “Live” wheels where you can place bets as you normally wood online but the feed is coming from a Web cam pointing to a “Live” table.

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