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May 11, 2009 | Filed Under Blog 

You’ll find professional roulette players in all shapes and sizes but a few things they will all have in common are a belief in randomness, a betting or layout strategy, and a strong discipline.

Randomness is at the heart of every professional roulette player. If you see a guy going all in on red because it’s been a black number the last 8 spins, he’s not a professional player. All pros know that the next spin has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the previous spin. They are not related in any way, shape or form. If you bet in a manner that would suggest they are, then you will invariably, at some point, lose big. Professional roulette players do not lose big.

This leads me to my next point. A layout strategy. A layout strategy is basically a betting strategy. You are going to bet a certain amount on the next spin and that amount is going to be based on the amount that you bet on the previous spin. Break Roulette covers this area for you. The pros have a system and if you watch them long enough you may be able to pick up on it. But like all systems there are as many are there are pros out there. So it’s not a matter of the best system but finding a system that works for your game. But betting willy nilly over the course of an hour is not a system and will not make you a professional roulette player.

Finally it takes a strong discipline to be a professional roulette player. You have to know when to walk away from the table. I emphasize this time and time again to our Break Roulette customers. You will not become a professional gambler by playing the most sessions that you possibly can. This is not poker in that sense. You do not necessarily get better at roulette over time. You can get wiser and you can get more disciplined but when you’re dealing with randomness it’s a new ball game every day. If you’ve played every day for a year you probably aren’t any better than you were after the first week (that is, of course, if you’ve implemented the first two principles I mentioned here). So don’t knock yourself out by going for the maximum amount every time. You won’t win it. You will lose and you will not be a professional roulette player.

Knowing when to walk away whether after a win or more importantly a loss is the best way to become a professional roulette player.

Winning doesn’t always mean tripling your bank. Some days it means simply keeping your bank.

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